Frank Czuri

Frank Czuri is said to be “one of the best singers around” and he was personally complimented by legendary blues and rock musician, Bo Diddley, when the icon single him out as the highlight of his band Pure Gold’s performance. Frank Czuri caught the music bug as a teenage as Diddley, Little Anthony and Imperials, the Coasters and the likes made an immense impression on him. In 1965, Czuri joined former classmate Bubs McKeg to front he latter’s band, The Igniters. They were the hit at local nightclubs and frat parties when concert promoter Pat DiCesare signed them in 1966. However, Vietnam took a toll on the band as McKeg and others were shipped to Southeast Asia in the late 1960s. Czuri and The Igniters endured and in 1968 even signed with Atlantic Records, who forced them to change their name to Jimmy Mack and the Music Factory. They released the single “Baby I Love You” in 1968 to limited air play. When McKeg returned they changed the band name to The Friends, but that was short-lived as they broke up in 1970. That same year, Frank joined Hollywood until Donnie Iris convinced him to join The Jaggerz handling piano and vocals.

Frank recorded two records with The Jaggerz and then in 1975 left to form the band Diamond Reo, again with McKeg, as well as Norman Nardini (guitar) and Robbie Johns (guitar). Diamond Reo landed a top-40 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100 with their version of Marvin Gaye’s hit “Ain’t That Peculiar”. That success allowed them to tour nationally with such bands as KISS, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Frank Zappa, Kansas and more, and landed them an appearance on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. As punk and new wave was coming up, Diamond Reo broke up and Czuri fronted the band The Silencers, recording with CBS/Precision Records. In 1980, the Silencers released Rock ‘n’ Roll Enforcers that featured “The Peter Gunn Theme”, “Modern Love” and “Shiver and Shake”, the latter of which reached #81 on Billboard’s Hot 100. And with the emergence of MTV in 1981, the video medley of “Peter Gunn, Remote Control and Illegal” became the 40th video played on the network. Once again, national airplay allowed The Silencers to tour with the likes of Hall and Oates, Heart, Foreigner and more. In 1984, Frank left The Silencers to live out a dream asking to become a singer with the R&B group Pure Gold. He was hired and remained with the group for 25 years, recording five records. Pure Gold became the only non-inductee to perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2010, Czuri left Pure Gold to return to his roots and rejoined McKeg and The Igniters.