Sean McDowell

Sean McDowell is a homegrown success story, growing up in Pittsburgh and spending his entire radio career broadcasting across the Pittsburgh airways, despite working in one of the most transient industries. As the son of Al McDowell, one of Pittsburgh’s first TV anchors and the host of AM Pittsburgh, one of the United States’ first morning shows in the country, Sean had showmanship and show business in his blood. Though his father steered him toward journalism, Sean studied broadcasting at the University of Dayton and returned to Pittsburgh where he spent 41 years behind the mic in Western PA. He worked for more than 4 decades in Pittsburgh and was fortunate to have never needed to work anywhere other than his hometown. In 2019, Sean McDowell retired from WDVE 102.5 after 26 years the air at the age of 64 with plans to travel and volunteer around the Pittsburgh community.