Tom Cossie

Tom Cossie worked his way up the music ladder starting as a record store clerk to become the head of his own record label and eventually signing one of the top artists in the industry during the 1970s disco era. The Homestead, PA-native worked at Chuck’s Record Shop while spinning records as a DJ for WESA and other local events. Joining RCA Records as a regional field promotions representative following his graduation from high school, Tom quickly found his calling and was elevated to National Album Promotions Manager in only four short years. In 1971, Cossie moved to New York where he promoted some of the top acts of the age including David Bowie and Henry Mancini. He left RCA to form his own label, though it was a short-lived venture. As disco began to take hold of the music scene, Cossie and fellow record promoter, Mark Kreiner, took on the band Chic who raced up the charts with “Dance, Dance, Dance” to #3 on Billboard’s Top 100. In 1978, with Cossie and Kreiner producing, Chic landed a gold record with “Everybody Dance.” Also in 1978, Chic released the album C’est Chic featuring the smash hit “Le Freak” which soared up Billboard’s Hot 100 to #3. Tom Cossie has been producing and managing for more than 50 years for the likes of Chic, The Silencers, Exotic Birds, Klass, and Modern Man with Sputzy to name a few. In 1985, Cossie produced the soundtrack for Day of the Dead for Saturn Records for George Romero’s film of the same name.