Bob Marley Celebration

Bob Marley’s final performance on September 23rd 1980 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania may have been his greatest ever.  No one knew that this performance would be his last, except for Bob and his wife, Rita.  Legendary concert promoter, Rich Engler had taken a chance on Bob Marley a couple of times early in Bob's career with not much return on his investment.  But he never gave up on the rising star.  Booking Bob at the 3,800 seat performance hall, The Stanley Theater, provided the perfect backdrop for what would become such a poignant event.  

              Join us to celebrate this momentous occasion and to celebrate Bob Marley’s life and music in this streaming special interview with Rich Engler as he describes the events of Bob’s last performance.  Hosted by singer/songwriter, Chris McCarty and with special live performances by The Wailers, Rich will dive deep into what Bob overcame to get through the show, his importance to the genre he helped create, and his message of love and peace that still resonates with people all over the world to this day.